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acuvue contactsDesigned to deliver crisp clear vision at all distances and in all lighting conditions, plus all-day comfort.

If you have difficulty focusing up close or struggle to read in dim light and have noticed your contact lenses are not as comfortable as they used to be, ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1‑Day MULTIFOCAL may be the contact lens for you.

The intense demands of today are particularly troubling as we get into our 40s and beyond. Adults are spending more and more time on digital screens, which causes us to blink less, and may impact the quality of our tears. Evidence shows that our tear film is less stable as we get older. This can lead to feelings of dryness and contribute to fluctuations in our vision. Additionally, changes within our eyes as we age can cause us to see starbursts and halos around bright lights, or to have trouble seeing in dim light. Meanwhile, around 40 everyone goes through a process of losing their ability to focus up close. This is called ‘presbyopia’, and it happens to all of us.

Key Features:

  • A unique optical design to help you see near, far and in between.
  • A technology to help stabilize your tear film for all-day comfort and visual clarity.
  • A blue-violet light filter‡ to provide clarity in all lighting conditions and help reduce halos or starbursts you may begin to see around bright lights.
  • Highest class of UV protection, blocking 99.9% UV-A and 100% UV-B.
  • Daily disposable contact lens available in convenient 30- and 90-day packs.