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Optos Silverstone at Eye & Vision Care

Optos Silverstone retinal exam deviceOptos has released their latest, most powerful tool yet for capturing crystal clear images of the retina.

Introducing the Optos Silverstone: a first-of-its-kind retinal exam device that combines both ultra-wide field retinal imaging with integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT).

At Santa Barbara, we proudly use Silverstone in order to provide our patients with a full color 3-dimensional comprehensive retinal exam that’s both accurate and comfortable.

How Does Silverstone Work?

During your eye exam your eye doctor will ask you to look into the Silverstone camera, adjusted to comfortably fit your height.

In less than a second, the digital camera will flash and capture a colorful 3D image of your entire retina, spanning over 200 degrees. With just one image, the full width of the retina can be seen and evaluated. In other cameras, several images and flashes of light are required to see the full retinal area.

Unlike many other cameras, the OCT component of the device allows your eye doctor to see all the layers of the retina in 3D. The image appears on your eye doctor computer screen, allowing them to quickly assess your eye health.

Special Features of Silverstone

  • Provides detailed full-color 3D images of the entire retina in a single image
  • Provides depth imaging, which gives your eye doctor vital information about the health of all the retinal layers.
  • Provides images in 3 modalities: fluorescein angiography, autofluorescence, and indocyanine green angiography
  • No pupil dilation required

Retinal Eye Exams in Santa Barbara

Having your retina examined regularly is a crucial part of maintaining excellent vision and overall eye health.

If you’re ready to upgrade your eye exam experience, call Eye & Vision Care Optometric Group today to schedule your retinal eye exam using Optos Silverstone.